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In this blog post, you’ll read: Understanding the working principle of diesel heaters and the details of the work of diesel heaters will help you develop your diesel heater business, or make it easier for you to choose a suitable diesel heater.

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If you are a vehicle owner who is looking to amp up their ride, a diesel heater might be for you. This awesome heating system works for cars, trucks, campervans, and motorhomes. It even works on sailboats and yachts. It is a go-to for people who live in extreme climates or cold locations.

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A diesel heater makes your vehicle life so much more enjoyable and comfortable. Not to mention it is reliable when it comes to getting warm. Since its primary fuel source is diesel, it is also super cost-efficient. So a diesel heater is definitely the way to go to meet your heating needs. 

There are a few models out there that you can choose from with different manufacturers. We recommend you get all the information out there about diesel heaters before you settle on one. The size of your vehicle and the features you would like to have in your heater are important factors in your decision-making process. Let’s start with the basics:

How Does the Diesel Heater Work?

The idea behind the diesel heater is pretty simple. By understanding how it works, you can identify whether it will fit your needs. Let us walk you through it.

Diesel heater working principle diagram

First, an external pipe takes in the cold air from outside the vehicle. Then, it works its way through to the combustion chamber. To produce heat, it mixes with diesel under immense pressure in an ignition process. This will provide enough heat according to the temperature setting you have selected. 

A large heat exchanger contains warm air and exchanges it with cool air. The exhaust pipe gets rid of any harmful combustion exhaust gas outside the vehicle so you don’t breathe it.

What Are the Advantages of Diesel Heater?

This kind of heater has so many advantages that vehicle owners can enjoy. Here is why:

Absolute Reliability

Diesel heaters are reliable since they run on diesel as their primary source of fuel. They work great even in the lowest temperatures without using up too much fuel or energy. This product will provide heat and warmth to your vehicle in no time. Not to mention diesel is a very prominent fuel that you can find pretty much anywhere. So you never have to worry about running out of fuel and getting cold.


Warmda LLC offers you reliable diesel heaters at a reasonable price. Be sure to check out the models available. We even have all the extra parts you will need. So even if you run into any trouble with your current hardware, you can always replace it. There is a variety of heaters and parts to choose from so you will definitely find your match with ease.

Low Running Cost

Once you get the temperature to your desired temperature, it takes a very low amount of fuel and energy to maintain it. Diesel heaters are one of the most cost-effective products in heating because of that. In fact, diesel itself is a somewhat cheap fuel compared to regular car gas.

What Are the Disadvantages of Diesel Heater?

Diesel heaters are not without disadvantages. You must know more about them before purchasing your own heater. It pretty much comes down to how much are you willing to invest in an excellent quality diesel heater. A good quality heater makes all the difference. It means that you can end or manage a lot of these disadvantages with ease. Let us discuss!

Need for Regular Maintenance

Some old or poor-quality models might be a little tricky to manage. This is due to their constant need for servicing and maintenance. The most common problems include loud noises and heavy vibrations. Dangerous fumes and exhaust can also be a problem.

A Little Pricey

There can be some cost to getting and maintaining an excellent diesel heater. That is because high-quality models are much more expensive than the cheap alternatives in the market. We recommend you do some research before purchasing. This will help you make sure you are getting a good deal on the best quality. 

Diesel Heater Impossible Trinity

More costs may arise since you will need to keep your diesel heater in tip-top shape at all times. These costs could include servicing and maintenance. These will ensure your heater stays safe to use and reliable for heating.

What Is Essential to Know About Diesel Heaters?

There is more to know when to comes to this product. There are a lot of factors that tell a good quality heater from a bad quality one. Before buying your next diesel heater, consider these elements:

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Are Diesel Heaters Safe?

Diesel heaters are very safe to use for many reasons.

No Harmful Waste

You don’t need to worry about breathing in any dangerous fumes. The exhaust pipe on your vehicle expels any waste outside. This waste results from the combustion process outside. This leaves the air you breathe inside your cabin completely safe.

Automatic Shut Down

Depending on the model you will be getting, you can secure extra safety to your diesel heater. Some models have safety features that include problem detection. In that case, the heater shuts off in order not to put you at risk.

Fuel and Energy Consumption


Generally speaking, diesel heaters work amazing for the frugal type. They are cost-effective and energy-saving. But, the actual amount of fuel and energy a diesel heater will consume will depend on many factors. 

Model and Specs

First, the model you will be getting. It is imperative that you research the model you are about to get for consumption levels. You don’t want to be buying a diesel heater to save up but end up paying too much on fuel. Get a model whose specs match what you need. No more, no less.

Climate and Temperature

Second, the temperature you need the heater to withstand. For example, if you live in a sub-zero climate. Expect your diesel heater to perform well with some fuel and energy consumption.  To produce the level of warmth you need, the heater will need to combust more fuel. So definitely keep that in mind. Anyway, once you reach a comfortable temperature in your cabin, the energy needed to maintain that temperature won’t be too much.

Level of Altitude

Third, despite being an unexpected factor, altitude is actually quite key. The higher you go, the more fuel you will consume. It does not have to be something you consider too much if you are planning to stay on a low attitude or regular ground level.

Does a Diesel Heater Smell?

A good quality diesel heater should not emit any smell before, while, or after using it. If you can smell it from inside your vehicle, that is probably not a good sign. However, if you are on the outside of the vehicle, you may smell a faint diesel smell originating from the exhaust. This is perfectly normal if you just started the engine or the heater. But in general, it is always important to notice the intensity of the smell and its frequency in order to avoid any accidents or oversights. 

Is a Diesel Heater Loud?

A diesel heater does make sound but it is not too loud. Depending on where it is installed in the vehicle and how close you are to it, the level of noise will differ. However, if you find it uncomfortably loud, there may be a problem with the heater itself. In that case, you could make sure that the installation is done properly. But generally speaking, good quality diesel heaters make minimal noise that is usually tolerable and easy to sleep through.

How do I Maintain my Diesel Heater?

A faulty diesel heater can be quite risky to your vehicle and yourself. You are, after all, dealing with hot fuel. So always take the necessary precautions that will shield you from any problems.

Right Installation

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At the beginning, ask a professional technician to come over and install your heater according to the instructions on its packaging. A professional will ensure any issues with the product itself will be discovered early one while you can still get a refund or a free maintenance.

Healthy Hardware

Warmda Parking Heater All Accessory Diagram

Take advantage of the professional technician you hired and ask them to check if there is anything blocking your inlet and exhaust pipes. This is an important step to avoid future issues with toxic or harmful fumes.

Healthy Vehicle

After installing the diesel heater properly and making sure it is working perfectly, you will need to preserve your product from future damage. Keeping your vehicle itself healthy is important so you can always tell if there is a problem with your heater or otherwise.

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Regular Maintenance

Other than that be sure to have your diesel heater serviced and maintained from time to time. This will make it easier for you to spot any problems with your heater and fix them so you can enjoy the most longivity on your product as possible. And remember, if your diesel heater suddenly starts making any unusual sounds or smells, shut it off immediately. After that, hire a professional to take care of the repairs.

How to Choose the Best Diesel Heater?

Now that you have gathered a lot of information about diesel heaters, you are ready to purchase one that matches your needs. We will leave you with a few more points to consider while choosing from the options out there.

Size of your Vehicle

It is super important to get a heating system that fits the size of your vehicle without being too strong or too weak. In order to do that, we should measure the size of your vehicle prior to making a decision. Determining the space that the heating system will occupy will help you get the right wattage.

It will be a huge waste to get a high power diesel heater to heat up a small space. It will also be disappointing to invest in a random diesel heater that ends up not heating your big space sufficiently.

Additional Costs

In addition to buying your diesel heater, there are some more costs that you will have to consider starting with fuel and power consumption. Some diesel heaters use up more fuel and power than others depending on the size of your vehicle, your consumption, and the wattage. So it is important to take in cost of fuel while you are making your decision. If you are planning to stay in that vehicle for a long time, these costs will sure add up so it is important to note.

Another thing you need to consider is the cost of installation. Hiring a professional technician is always a good idea especially if you don’t have any prior experience in this sort of thing. Getting a specialist means you never have to worry about any faulty wiring or unscrewed parts. It will basically buy your peace of mind as well as the extra cost of any mishandling of the product under amateur hands.

The last thing you have to keep in mind with regards to your budget is maintenance costs. In order to keep your diesel heater running smoothly at all times, you will need to have it checked out every once and a while. This will ensure that you catch and repair any issues with the heater before they turn into irreversible damage. Some heater models require more regular maintenance and servicing more than others so do you research on which model is more convenient for you. 

Extra Features

In order to be sure you have the best quality diesel heater for your buck, you must get this product from a reliable and trusted place. Warmda LLC can provide you with high-quality diesel heaters with the latest must-have technologies. Newer models have a lot of great features that you need to have. This includes a digital screen that you can select your desired temperature through as well as display the state of your diesel heater. You can choose the location of this screen so that it is always convenient for you.

Another important feature is the self-timer one. This ensures that you can remotely turn on your heater and enjoy its warmth without having to walk in a cold vehicle. You can choose the time you want and the heater will do the rest. You can find these kinds of features at Warmda that offer you the best models in the market.

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