Block Heater

Parameters of Block Heater

The Warmda Titan-B2 block heater has a simple and robust design that contributes to its reliable and long service life. This heater design is suitable for a wide range of engines.

Additional information

Weight 7.6 kg
Dimensions 310 × 155 × 115 cm


Working Voltage


Rated Power



30.8 X 45


1.2 X 1.8

Cable length(m)/(ft)




Current Intensity

≤ 3.6 Amps

Details about Block Heater

Block heater manufacturing process.


The Titan-B2 is extruded from a whole block of copper.


Block heater Titan-B2 Housing


Block heater Titan-B2 Housing

It uses an all-copper heating element and magnesium oxide powder as an insulating medium to make the heater more thermally efficient.

The heater is sealed by soldering the tube to the heater housing and its threads are sized so that they can be mounted directly to the engine block.


Block heater Titan-B3 Heating Pipe


Block heater Titan-B3 Heating Pipe

The 400W electric heater is in direct contact with the coolant and keeps the cylinder at the right temperature all the time through thermal convection.


This eliminates the need to worry about engine cold starts.


Block heater Titan-B2 Wire and Heating Pipe


Block heater Titan-B2 Wire and Heating Pipe


The heater also comes equipped with six feet of connection cable and a standard US plug.


If the cable becomes frayed customers can easily replace the heater cord.


Block heater Titan-B2 Heating Pipe


Block heater Titan-B2 Heating Pipe


Warmda LLC offers you a custom service for Block Heater.


Because we are aware that a common engine block heater may not fully meet your customer’s needs, Warmda is capable of providing you with a professional solution to your demands.


Working together we can design, engineer and manufacture your own professional block heater to meet your unique needs.


We are confident that you will be amazed by the quality, service, and attention to detail that Warmda provides with all of our products.


We welcome vehicle manufacturers, dealers, or interested parties to contact us regarding our engine block heating products to learn more about what we have to offer.

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