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Parameters of Coolant Heaters

The Warmda coolant heater Titan-B1 was designed by a team of engineers at Warmda. It combines the advantages of previous heaters while also addressing and correcting some of the disadvantages of the older models.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 310 × 155 × 115 cm


Working Voltage


Rated Power



168 x 81


6.6 X 3.2

Cable length(m)/(ft)




Current Intensity

≤ 8.7 Amps

Details about Coolant Heaters

How the Warmda coolant heater works.


Engine Heater Titan-B1 Dimensions


Warmda Coolant Heater Titan-B1 Dimensions


The Warmda coolant heater Titan-B1 is carefully designed to allow coolant to efficiently flow inside the heater and carry all the heat emitted by the heating element.


Warmda Coolant Heater with Connecting Plug


Warmda Coolant Heater with Connecting Plug


Its biggest advantages are its smaller form factor and the fact that the heating element is die-cast inside an aluminum block.


This process speeds up the rapid dispersion of heat from the heating element.


In order to ensure the safe operation of the heater, we use two thermostats with ceramic housings and a copper connection between the thermostat and the heating element.


The Warmda coolant heater is perfect for smaller cars like ATVs.


The Warmda Titan-B1 coolant heater is ideal for standard and economy sized cars.


It is also wells suited to heat ATVs with water-cooled engines as well as UTV engines.


It is also capable of heating small genset engines.


The Warmda Titan-B1 is TUV, FCC, and RoHS certified.


Its quality is fully compliant with EU and North American standards.


Warmda offers different plug styles that are compatible with various country’s standards.


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