Diesel Engine Heater

Parameters of Diesel Engine Heater

The Warmda diesel engine heater has a power output rating of 12 kW and a heat output of 38000 BTU. Warmda’s diesel engine heaters provide exceptional value to customers and reliable performance in the harshest weather conditions.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 260 × 220 × 150 cm


Working Voltage


Output Heat


Output Power


Fuel Type


Working Pressure

Max. 2.5 Bar


360 X 180 X 125


14.2 X 7.1 X 4.9



Input Power

≤ 78W

Electrical Consumption at 12V/24V

≤ 6.5 Amps/≤ 3.25Amps

Fuel Consumption

≤ 1.2L/H/1.13Qt/H

Details about Diesel Engine Heater

The Warmda diesel engine heater features large combustion chambers which produce a significant amount of heat output.


This heater is particularly suitable for use on large engines or machines that contain large volumes of engine coolant.


Diesel Engine Heating Complete Accessories Diagram


Warmda Diesel Engine Heating Complete Accessories Diagram


The Warmda diesel engine heater comes standard equipped with a fuel tank standpipe which allows fuel for the heater to be drawn directly from the vehicles tank.


Fuel Tank Standpipe


Warmda Fuel Tank Standpipe


Users also have the option for an auxiliary tank should they prefer that alternative or even the additional option to customize the capacity and material of the auxiliary fuel tank.


The Warmda diesel engine heater is easily activated and monitored using the LCD control panel and also has the option to be turned on and off using a remote control.


Exhaust Muffler


Warmda Exhaust Muffler


Warmda stands behind the quality of our products. If a customer experiences any problem with our heater, we can be easily contacted by email and our Gold Service team will respond to the issue within 8 hours.


Because of our dedication to customer satisfaction, Warmda is also prepared to provide training services to retail staff on heater principles and maintenance techniques.


Mounting Brackets


Warmda Mounting Brackets


If your company sells our heaters, we want to provide you with the necessary information and skills to provide the best possible service to your customers.


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