Diesel Heater Air Ducting

Parameters of Diesel Heater Air Ducting

Reliable air ducting can reduce the harm of pollutants to the human body.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 60 × 6 cm

Hot Air Duct


50mm; 60mm; 75mm; 90mm




Aluminum-based paper foil

Details about Diesel Heater Air Ducting

Heaters work at high temperatures, which can reach up to 90. Therefore, lesser materials, like plastic, cannot withstand such extreme heat. That’s why the base material of Warmda hot air ducting is aluminum foil, and the outer layer is covered with insulation paper for maximum insulation.

The aluminum substance is used to withstand high temperatures. The aluminum foil also reflects heat and doesn’t allow heat to be lost during the heater’s operation.

Diesel Heater Air Ducting


Diesel Heater Air Ducting.


The spiral structure of Air ducting is helpful in extending the length according to needs.

Warmda hot air ducts are available in 4 different diameters:

      50 mm (1.97’’)

      60 mm (2.36’’)

      75 mm (2.95’’)

      90 mm (3.54’’)

They are compatible with any brand of diesel heater and we offer Air ducting with a maximum length of 20 meters (65.6 feet).

We provide customers with customization services. Send us your specifications and we’ll make it happen!

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