Engine Warmer

Parameters of Engine Warmer

The Titan-P6 engine warmer is a tank-type coolant heater, that is simple, extremely durable, and relies on gravity to circulate and heat the coolant. Its design makes it suitable for most water-cooled engines.

Additional information

Weight 7.6 kg
Dimensions 310 × 155 × 115 cm


Working Voltage


Rated Power



170 x 102


6.7 X 4

Cable length(m)/(ft)




Current Intensity

≤ 11 Amps

Details about Engine Warmer

Advantages of Warmda engine warmer.

Unlike the simple heating mode of most tank heaters.


Engine Heater Titan-P6 Dimensions


Warmda Engine Warmer Titan-P6 Dimensions


The Warmda engine warmer has a ceramic temperature control switch.


Warmda Engine Warmer Heating Element


Warmda Engine Warmer Heating Element

That automatically turns off the temperature of the coolant entering the heater when it exceeds 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit).

Automatically turns on the heater when it falls below 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit).

The check valve has been designed to greatly increase the performance of the Warmda engine warmer.


Our team of engineers understands how important proper heater installation is.


Warmda Engine Warmer Check Valve


Warmda Engine Warmer Check Valve

Negligent installation can cause the presence of air in the heater piping rendering the heater inoperable.

Taking this into account, Warmda incorporated a check valve in the Titan-P6 located at the coolant inlet.

When the heater is operating, the heater coolant expands and can only flow towards the heater outlet when it meets the check valve.

This feature will please customers and dealers by greatly reducing the failure rate of the heater installation.


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