Generator Heater

Parameters of Generator Heater

The Warmda generator heater is a heater specially designed for generators. In addition to the advantages of other warmda engine block heaters, it is characterized by a protective armor on the cable.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 310 × 155 × 115 cm


Working Voltage


Rated Power



198 x 82


7.8 X 3.2

Cable length(m)/(ft)



1.4 KGS/3.1Ib

Current Intensity

≤ 13 Amps

Details about Generator Heater

Design features of Warmda Generator heater.


The Warmda Titan-P3G generator heater is a professional quality generator heater based on the design of the Titan-P3 engine heater.



Engine Heater Titan-P3 Dimensions

Warmda Generator Heater Titan-P3G Dimensions


This derivative of the engine heater was developed after collecting and testing a lot of customer requests.


We found that most of our generator heater customers were interested in a heater with armored heater wire to protect the wire from damage and improve the safety of the heater.


Warmda upgraded the heater cable by adding a layer of protective armor that keeps the heater cable from being damaged by touching the hot generator.


Warmda Engine Heater Heating Element


Warmda Generator Heater Heating Element


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If you are looking for a custom heater with specific features and design criteria, our engineers can work with you to design a heater exactly to your companies needs.


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Or, with your permission, we will improve this heater and put it on the market to allow more customers to use a competitive product.


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Engine Heater Thermostat


Warmda Generator Heater Thermostat


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