Diesel Hot Water Heater

Parameters of Diesel Hot Water Heater

The Warmda diesel hot water heater comes with a complete installation kit and is CE, RoHS, and FCC compliant. This heater is the perfect winter companion for a wide range of engines due to its low noise operation, fast hot water delivery, and versatility.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 260 × 220 × 150 cm


Working Voltage


Output Heat


Output Power


Fuel Type


Working Pressure

Max. 2.5 Bar


230 X 165 X 90


9 X 6.51 X 3.54



Input Power

≤ 38W

Electrical Consumption at 12V

≤ 3.2 Amps

Fuel Consumption

≤ 0.52Qt/H

Details about Diesel Hot Water Heater

The Warmda diesel hot water heater uses high-quality Japanese Kyocera electric plugs so there is no need to worry about having difficulty starting the heater in extremely cold weather.


Warmda Diesel Heater Glow Plug


Warmda Diesel Heater Glow Plug


Warmda uses a special flexible exhaust pipe combined with a superior sound deadening exhaust muffler both of which greatly reduce the heater’s noise.


Warmda Exhaust Pipe


Warmda Exhaust Pipe


The use of a filtering medium on the intake muffler not only filters the combustion air so that the heater is less likely to build up carbon, but it also smooths out the airflow entering the combustion chamber.

Smoother air intake flow allows the heater to burn more evenly further reducing heater noise levels.

The metering fuel pump is another very important component that affects the longevity and proper functioning of the heater.


Warmda Exhaust Muffler


Warmda Exhaust Muffler


Engineers at Warmda carefully designed the metering fuel pump and accurately CNC machined its components in order to ensure a precise amount of fuel delivery.

The casing of the fuel pump is also specially treated to make it corrosion resistant.

The Warmda diesel hot water heater has two control options available as well as a choice between two motors.

Brushed Motor (D1250A) – The biggest disadvantage of a brushed motor is that it can be noisy when the motor is working.

In addition, the lifespan of a brushed motor is around 1500 hours.


Warmda Water Pump


Warmda Water Pump


Brushless motor (D1250B) – The biggest advantages of a brushless motor are its quiet operating levels, long lifespan, and low power consumption.

However, these advantages come at a slightly higher price.

At Warmda we are confident that your customers will be impressed by the high quality and dependable functionality of our diesel hot water heater.

Please contact us for more information about our heaters and how you can provide your customers with the reliable warmth that comes from a Warmda heater.

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