Hydronic Heater

Parameters of Hydronic Heater

Warmda LLC has decades of experience manufacturing heaters. We understand the common problems hydronic heater’s encounter. To ensure the long term reliability of our heaters Warmda uses only high-quality pumps and motors. Your customers will be amazed by the fine workmanship and dependable operation of the Warmda line of hydronic heaters and we are confident that Warmda hydronic heaters will be a great addition to your business’s product line.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 260 × 220 × 150 cm


Working Voltage

9V-16V/ 18V-32V

Output Heat


Output Power


Fuel Type


Working Pressure

Max. 2.5 Bar


230 X 165 X 90


9 X 6.51 X 3.54



Input Power

≤ 38W

Electrical Consumption at 12V

≤ 3.2 Amps

Fuel Consumption

≤ 0.55L/H/≤ 0.52Qt/H

Details about Hydronic Heater

Hydronic Heaters are a great way for consumers in cold climates to provide heat to the engine or have on-demand hot water at their disposal.
Customers frequently remark what a great feeling it is to be able to have hot water so readily available from a heater.


All accessories for hydronic heaters


All accessories for Warmda hydronic heater


With its constant focus on improving customer’s experience, Warmda continues to make improvements to the Warmda diesel hot water heater to make the heater even more thermally efficient.

The Warmda Hydronic Heater’s uniquely designed oversized water jacket allows the heater to exchange heat more efficiently thus allowing users to get more heat in less time.


Warmda hydronic heater control panel


Warmda hydronic heater control panel


Unlike other models of diesel hot water heaters, Warmda’s Hydronic Heater can use the heating plug as a temperature sensor.

When the heater motherboard detects that the heating plug is underpowered, it will increase the heating plug supply voltage, thus increasing the power of the heating plug and making it easier to start the Hydronic Heater at extremely low temperatures.

The Warmda Hydronic Heater output can be adjusted from 2.5KW-5.2KW which ensures that customers have complete control over their particular required heating needs.

In addition, the Warmda Hydronic Heater offers users 3 ways to control the heater’s startup.


  • Ordinary Switch – The heater can be easily turned on or off using a simple switch. This easily installed switch blends perfectly with other switches in the center console of a vehicle and is especially suitable for truck use.
  • Push Button Manual Switch – A switch that assists with the activation of the cell phone remote so that if the cell phone remote encounters a non-working switch, users can utilize the manual push switch to turn the heater on or off.
  • Cell Phone Remote Control – Warmda LLC offers users the ability to control the heater using their cell phones. To remotely turn on the heater one only needs to call or send a command to the heater.

We are confident that Warmda Hydronic Heaters will be a popular addition to your business’s product offerings and appreciated by your customers.
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