Gasoline Water Heater

Parameters of Gasoline Water Heater

The Warmda gasoline water heater is designed to heat an engine’s coolant thereby making it easier to start a traditional gasoline engine in the most extreme winter weather.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 260 × 220 × 150 cm


Working Voltage


Output Heat


Output Power


Fuel Type


Working Pressure

Max. 2.5 Bar


230 X 165 X 90


9 X 6.51 X 3.54



Input Power

≤ 38W

Electrical Consumption at 12V/24V

≤ 3.2 Amps/≤ 1.6Amps

Fuel Consumption

≤ 0.55L/H/≤ 0.52Qt/H

Details about Gasoline Water Heater

The gasoline water heater functions by heating the coolant in the water jacket by burning gasoline and then pumps the heated coolant through the engine.


Gasoline Water Heater Installation Kit


Gasoline Water Heater Installation Kit


The gasoline water heater uses reliable Japanese electric plugs and a precise metering fuel pump.

When the gasoline water heater is turned on, the electric plugs first preheat the combustion chamber allowing the gasoline to vaporize and burn more easily.


Warmda Fuel Pump


Warmda Fuel Pump


When the heating process is complete, the electric plugs also work discharge the excess fuel out of the combustion chamber after it has been completely burned.


Warmda Exhaust pipe


Warmda Exhaust pipe


By combining these features with a precise fuel dosing pump, the likelihood of carbon build-up in the heater is minimal.

The control program responsible for running the gasoline water heater is the result of a collective effort of a team of Warmda engineers.


Warmda Water Pump


Warmda Water Pump


The combined experience and knowledge of this team resulted in a logical and meticulous control program that allows the heater to work reliably.

In addition, the control board is fully protected so that the heater meets EMC and FCC standards.


Warmda Exhaust Muffler


Warmda Exhaust Muffler


We care about the health of our customers as much as you do.

We believe in the importance of using reliable raw materials produced under strict monitoring and quality control standards to produce high quality reliable products.

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