Heater Customization Service and Process

How do I find a heater manufacturer that can provide customization services?

Over the past 25 years, we have met many customers just like you. Among our customers are manufacturers or distributors of a wide variety of machines.
Many of our customers seek out customized services for heater production. The reason could be that the existing heaters on the market were not fully functional. Or, they did not meet the specific requirements you are after.
So, you need an experienced manufacturer to provide you with a customized service. That is where we come in.

Warmda engineers are designing products

Warmda engineers are designing products

You need a factory with sufficient technical reserves. A type of factory that have the practical experience for heaters customization. As well as a complete production system and the willingness to customize heaters for you.

When you look at companies like Webasto and Eberspaecher , Vvkb and Phillip. They usually don’t have the time or the extra resources to provide you with customization.

Looking at some of the smaller producers too. You will find them more than willing to provide you with customization services. However, these small manufacturers, usually because they do not have enough technical reserves.
Another reason is that they are newly established. That means sometimes they do not have enough knowledge of heaters. Or they may be lacking the right equipment, and will not be able to provide you with this kind of customization. There is also the issue of reliability. Lack of reliability makes it difficult to entrust these companies with such an important task.

Is there a way to overcome these problems? The good news is there is a way. Warmda LLC provides solutions to many of the issues above with their customization services.

How so? Allow us to show you how in the points listed below:

1. Technicality: we boast of enough technical reserve to handle your requests. This allows us to offer professional customized services with technical content.

Warmda LLC’s parent company has 25 years of experience in heater manufacturing. The 3 founders’ love for the heater industry drives the company. We conduct all kinds of research on heaters and keep the results of that research in a documented record.

Over the past 20 years, we have received over 20 patents in Europe, North America, and China. We still have a lot of secrets that we have not been able to register as patents. By using these technologies and patents, we can solve your needs on a technical level.

2. Experience: As they say experience is the best teacher.

That is also true at Warmda LLC. Our 25 years of research, manufacturing, and sales experience gives us a full understanding of the market. As well as the application and technology of heaters.

The founder of our company, Mr. Eric Chong, leads the sales team of Warmda LLC. While selling products to customers, he also collects the needs of users like you. This is to help solve the problems you encounter.

We also gain experience in solving problems for our users. This provides us with a solid basis for providing you with customized services.

3. Minimized Production Cost: minimizing production cost through China's well-established supply chain network.

Decades of development have allowed China to form the perfect supply chain system. This we use the fullest at Warmda LLC.

The impression that Made in China is a synonym for cheap is changing. The misconception about Made in China is being dispelled with advanced manufacturing. Users with international vision and good judgment of the market see this too.

We manufacture our heaters in the Yangtze River Delta, near Shanghai. This is one of the most advanced and developed manufacturing regions in China.
Our operation rides on the back of the strongest supply chain and manufacturing base in China.

We have a team of designers and different production workshops and cooperative factories. This allows us to design prototypes according to your requirements quickly. So that when you confirm, we can provide you with reliable and affordable heaters in a short period. This way your products quickly capture the international market.

With the perfect supply chain system in China, we can find many suppliers. We strictly screen the parts from suppliers according to our factory standards.
For each accessory, there is usually one main supplier and two potential suppliers.
This ensures that if one supplier can’t deliver in time, we can choose the accessory from the other two suppliers.
This helps prevent delaying the delivery date of the goods.

A well-established supply chain system also reduces our production and sourcing costs.
Thereby, allowing you to bring your bespoke products to market at the cheapest possible price. At the same time maintaining the products’ quality.

4. Dependable Technical Support: when you need technical help, we have six engineers to support you.

China now has a higher number of higher education graduates. It has risen from 29,800 in 1998 to 8.34 million in 2019. It is not showing any sign of stopping too. This can provide a strong impetus to upgrade China’s manufacturing industry.

Our technical team consists of excellent graduates with a keen interest in heaters. They receive direct tutoring on the ways of the company from our top 3 engineers.

They also develop their professional and product knowledge in all aspects. This way they can provide reliable technical support. Thus, allowing your product to be more in line with the user habits and market development direction.

In China, high education has been a very common phenomenon. Most of our workers are also highly qualified college graduates. They are professionally trained and know how to follow standards.

These selected talents can ensure that the quality of the products produced by Warmda is always stable.

With these points, we put forward our ability to design your product perfectly.

You’ll also want to know what it takes to get started with our custom model.
Let me describe our customization process.
However, If you have a sample, the sample may not function as you want it to. You will need to make some changes to the sample to match the heater you are using.

If you have a sample, the sample may not function as you want it to. You will need to make some changes to the sample to match the heater you are using. The steps to customize it are.

  1. You provide us with the pictures of your sample. After this, you tell us your general requirements. Additionally, you will put in the function that your new heater will achieve.
  1. According to your request and our knowledge of the industry. We will give you an approximate proposal and the cost of developing the product within 3-5 days. We will also tell you the approximate price range of the new heater when it is ready for mass production.
  2. If you agree with our proposal and you accept our price, we can proceed to the next step.
  3. If you don’t agree with our proposal or price. There is still a way out, we can communicate with you to determine a proposal and price. We then choose one that will be beneficial to our customers, you, and our company.
  1. Next, you will need to send us a sample, and we will collect all the data from your sample and document it.
  1. We will make improvements to the sample according to your requirements. After which we will send you a drawing for your confirmation. If you think some details are not done correctly. Or if certain features don’t meet your requirements. You can identify them so we can make changes. During this process, we will also provide you with important input. By taking into account the knowledge and information we have.
  2. Once the drawings have been confirmed by both of us, we will print the model for you, using 3D printing if possible. If possible, we will express mail the model to you so that you can see how the actual product will look.
  3. Finally, we will proceed with the production of the molds. Additionally, we will report back to you on the progress of the molds weekly.
  1. After producing the molds within the agreed-upon time frame. We will test the molds and that’s when we will be able to provide you with the actual product. But, it’s still not fully functional.
  1. Next, we will produce small-batch samples of the heater for you. After which we will collect various data on the produced heater.
  1. We will compare the data of the new product with the data of the sample and send you the comparison file by email.
  1. After you confirm the comparison data, we will send you the sample of the new heater.
  1. We will tell you how you can test the heater.
  2. When the test data of the heater meets your requirement. We will officially produce your product.
  1. This is a specially designed and manufactured product for you. So, we won’t sell this product to anyone other than you without your authorization.
  1. If everything goes well, the whole customization cycle of the heater will take about 6-9 months.

If you don't have samples, but only an idea, we can turn your idea into an actual product. The specific customization steps are as follows.

  1. After we receive your rough idea, we will give you an approximate design cost based on your idea.
  1. Once we have your confirmation. A professional engineer will draw up a detailed understanding of your idea. Once done, we will communicate with you.
  1. Based on your idea, and with our experience, we will look for a product model like your idea for you to reference.
  1. Maybe we will find a product like your idea and we can improve on that product.
  2. In case we do not find a similar product, then we will spend a few days drawing up the plans for you.
  1. Once you have confirmed our proposal, we will provide you with a 3D printed model based on the proposal. We will make this printed model with similar functionality.
  1. We will assemble the printed model.
  1. Once we assemble the model, we will put the model to a preliminary functional test. This we will do according to your requirements.
  1. If the tests meet your general requirements, we will send you the model and tell you how to test it. If the tests do not meet your requirements, we will make improvements to the model.
  1. When your tests are complete, we will work together to refine some of the details.
  1. Then we can make custom molds and some specialized machines based on the model.
  1. When everything is ready, we can start the official production. You will own the intellectual property of the product.

If there are any other details, you need to know, feel free to email us.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now and you will get a unique product that is specific to your company.